Simple FCML licensed images that may *possibly* be reused to form more complex images.

Here is a picture that I attempted to draw of a Black Hole. To be honest, I'm not sure anyone actually knows what a black hole looks like. I *think* we are all guessing. Let me know if someone has seen "real universe" light effects of a black hole.

Black Hole
To Download Black Hole File with Transparency via IE (Right Click Here and Choose 'Save Target As')

Here are some images either I or Jennifer took. You will need a modern browser to view the WEBP files

Butterflies or Moths taken by Shawn Eary

Brown Butterfly Orange Butterfly

Cardinal taken by either myself or my wife on a Kodak EasyShare Z1275

Orange Butterfly
(To save a butterfly or cardinal via IE and/or MS Edge, right click on the picture and select Save Target As)

An SVG Christmas Tree I drew using my daughter's artwork as a guide:

SVG Christmas Tree
(To save the SVG Source of the Christmas Tree via IE, right click on the tree and select Save Target As)

A flower that my daughter Kristen Grace Eary drew. I scanned it and cut the background out to turn it into clipart. You are allowed to use the image in your own collective works; however, you must provide attribution at a tasteful place within your presentation. For example, if you are using the image to create a PowerPoint presentation, you may crop out the copyright notice on the slide you are using the image on but you must provide a credits section at the end of your PowerPoint presentation. Please use good judgement.

JPEG XR Flower
(To save the image, right click on it and choose the Save As option)