Welcome to Utilars™

Utilars™ is a site for Christian friendly art and science. The name is derived from the Latin terms Utilis (Useful) and Ars (Art or Science).

This site is based upon the retired ConservativeArt and www.arsQuies.com websites. It is a rebranding of the formerly mentioned sites. Admittedly, I've neglected this website as I've been pretty busy with other things.

I was separated from the most important person in my life on February 12th. Even though my spirit is weak, I hope she understands I love her. I still believe marriage is for a lifetime. I still wear my wedding ring except when swimming in open water.

I'm a music student of sorts. I take music classes when I am able. That keeps me pretty busy with all of the physical exercises I also do. Would like to code more on occasion but I just don't have the time. Sometimes, I fall victim to bingeing on Sid Meier's Civilization. Sid is my hero.